Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sea Level Awareness Project - Ventura

Last week a group of middle school kids led by Alec Loorz installed several signs along the promenade in Ventura. Part of a project called Sea Level Awareness Project (SLAP), the signs mark a sea level 23 feet above the current height, with "You will be UNDERWATER here." The signs also list local infrastructure that will be underwater: Mandalay Power Station, 101 Freeway, Wastewater Treatment Plant, Pierpont Community, and the Pier.

Their intent is to "wake up Ventura to the danger of sea level rise." What will the state of our coast be when 12 million gallons of sewage are discharged untreated into the ocean every day, and the seawalls that protect the freeway are submerged? Who is really thinking about this and planning ahead?

Kudo's to Alec and his friends who are doing their part to raise the alarm!

Surfrider's projects are one step in the right direction: we need to develop integrated coastal and watershed management to formulate sustainable solutions for the future in the context of climate change.

Sept 5, 2008:

Dear City Council,

I wanted to thank you for supporting the SLAP Sea Level Awareness Project in Ventura. This is a great effort by concerned citizens to help raise awareness about the potential impacts to our way of life when sea level rises in the future.

I understand you have received some complaints from people who ' just don't want to be reminded of "negative" things when they're strolling down the promenade'

I say great! This is a sign that the project is working!

Now let's see if we can generate some solutions to these problems.