Thursday, September 24, 2009

Transportation funding for Surfers' Point?

CalTrans has yet to cite specific language that precludes the use of TE funding for the 'rehabilitation' portion of the Surfers Point bike path, and we are working diligently to try to re-instate the $1.5M grant that will make this project go...

I went back and looked at the requirements for TE funding, see below. The federal TE funding has provisions for "major rehabilitation" of shared-use paths such as the Omar Rains path at Surfers Point. There are many examples around the state where TE funding has been used for landscaping portion of a project, sometimes not even directly related to a bike path.

The Federal Government today is working to reform transportation practices to recognize multi-purpose projects (i.e. green infrastructure.) This project could be a showcase for intelligent use of federal and state funding in the public interest, and an opportunity for CalTrans to provide a leadership role... or not?

1. Provision of facilities for pedestrians and bicycles.

New or reconstructed sidewalks, walkways, or curb ramps; wide paved shoulders for nonmotorized use, bike lane striping, bike parking, and bus racks; construction or major rehabilitation of off-road shared use paths (nonmotorized transportation trails); trailside and trailhead facilities for shared use paths; bridges and underpasses for pedestrians and bicyclists and for trails.


Dublin Transit Center Streetscape Improvements - pedestrian improvements, landscape

Firebaugh Gateway Landscaping And Bike Trails- construct bike trails, landscaping, bike racks

Park Street Streetscape And Santa Clara Avenue Transit Hub- streetscapes, lighting, landscape, bike racks and lockers

Shaw Median Island Landscaping Project- landscape and irrigate median strip (in and near the City of Fresno, along Shaw Ave. between Highway 99 and Golden State Blvd.)

Redwood National Park Davison Trailhead - trailhead with information kiosks, parking, elk-viewing deck and revegitation (sic)

Main Street Walkway, Landscaping And Decorative Lighting In Kelseyville - walkways, landscaping and lighting (in Kelseyville, along Main St. from Gunn St. to Second St.)

Sespe Creek Bike Path - Phase II - grading, paving (bike path), fencing and landscaping