Monday, November 23, 2009

manure solution?

Folks in Ojai have been researching potential solutions to the manure problem.

One big idea is creating marketable products from the waste, and in the process make a big step toward local sustainability. In this case, a BioDigester that would process collected manure and green waste into bioGas for use in vehicles or electricity generation. And the remaining solid waste would provide seed-free nutrients for local agriculture, further offsetting the use of petroleum-based fertilizers in the valley.

The Bio-digestion Plant would provide the following benefits:

  • Local option for disposal
  • Methane is used directly for energy
  • Compost is sterilized
  • Nutrients concentrated in liquid fertilizer
  • Nutrients removed from stormwater runoff
  • Greenhouse gases reduced (less methane released to the air)
  • Less truck traffic/ transportation to disposal sites
  • Reduced demand for fossil fuel energy
  • Reduced demand on landfills
  • Creates local jobs
  • Creates educational example for energy independence and use of local resources
This is not a cheap project, but a local bioGas generation plant could solve multiple social and economic problems - the 'triple bottom line' of "people, planet, profit"

A UC Davis program has demonstrated the feasibility of the technology in partnership with Onsite Power Systems

more here:

Seems like a big opportunity for a smart investor... Others in Ventura County are already doing this, and winning awards while making money in the process:

For more information on the Ojai project please contact Bill O'Brien/Phil Sherman 805-658-6611