Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Beach restoration moving forward

Feb 1, 2010 - Surfers' Point Working Group Meeting

The working group met for an update on plans to break ground later this year. Funding is now available to construct the $3M first phase of the project that will relocate the bike path and parking lot near the rivermouth. Construction will begin after Labor Day 2010.

The city engineer has been able to secure a source for the 26,000 tons of cobble and 18,000 tons of sand that will be used to enhance and restore the beach. This huge mass of river rock from nearby Santa Paula Creek will be used to construct a 'cobble berm' on the back-beach, to be buried underneath reconstructed sand dunes.

This design will provide protection from future erosion with a natural alternative to the concrete seawalls that makes Ventura County famous. (2/3 of our coast has been hardened with concrete or rock structures.)

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