Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ventura Promenade repairs

Repairs are in progress on the Ventura Promenade. The seawall and stairs have taken a beating, and much of the rebar internal to the concrete structure is in a state of decay.

Surfrider commented on this project in 2001 when environmental documents were first circulated. One of our concerns was the plan to introduce additional rip-rap (boulders) along the bottom of the seawall. This is now happening...

in 2001 Surfrider wrote:

We are concerned that the Negative Declaration does not adequately consider impacts to public beach access and recreation associated with the rock revetment and new stairs.
First, the design drawings show the rock revetment extending out at least 20 feet onto the existing recreational beach. It is not clear that this structure was originally built to such a large scale, and we are concerned that the revetment placement will reduce the existing width of the recreational beach.

Construction of structures like this often results in what is termed 'placement loss,' where the public beach is effectively covered up by the placement of rocks. This is evident in the aerial image.

The other concern is that these rocks have been stacked steeply against the seawall, but will inevitable slump onto the beach. So although there is some placement loss today, next year the beach may be dangerously narrow in front of the seawall. (note that these photos are at low tide, and the beach is relatively wide following this year's rains)