Thursday, September 1, 2011

California Chapter Conference - Ventura 2011

August 26-28, 2011
Over 100 Surfrider activists from around the state converged in Ventura for the 2011 California Statewide Chapter Conference at the Crowne Plaza in Ventura, California.  The Ventura County Chapter was proud to host the conference, which provided  invaluable opportunity to network with other chapters from around the state and celebrate  the Ventura Chapter’s 20th Anniversary.

Surfrider chapter activists from around the state touring the Surfers' Point Managed Shoreline Retreat Project

The conference opened with a video of a TED Talk entitled "Seth Godin on the tribes we lead."  This talk gives a fantastic perspective on what we do, and why it's important.

We were also treated to a presentation and workshop by Randy Olsen on how to communicate complex ideas.  Randy is the author of the 'Shifting Baselines' series of videos, (watch 'Shifting Baselines in the Surf') as well as numerous other productions.  

In addition to this great outside perspective, the conference also provided Surfrider staff and local campaign leaders to speak about some of our core issues and campaigns.  These included 

Overall, the conference was a great reminder that everything is a local issue, and that dedicated locals can make a difference in their communities.  Kudos to everyone who helped make this happen!

Surfrider CEO Jim Moriarty talks strategic plan

Founder Glenn Hening pondering almost 30 years of Surfrider.  
(The original logo was designed based upon images such as this one by David Pu'u)

Gathering of the tribe - an opportunity to learn from each other

City Councilmember Brian Brennan, who was recently appointed to the California Coastal Commission, discusses the role of Surfrider in projects like Surfers' Point 

Neptune overlooks the pier from the top of the Crown Plaza