Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Surfers Point Winter 2014

A boardwalk is the most recent addition to the Surfers' Point Managed Shoreline Retreat project.  Designed to provide access around the 'cobble garden,' the boardwalk is constructed with weatherproof plastic decking and adds a finished touch to the bike path.  We have received positive comments from the 'regulars' at the beach, and people seem to be enjoying the little detour off the paved path.

The project also appears to be functioning well during winter "king tides" and storm surf.  This aerial overview shows the wet sand from high tide early in the day as well as the exposed cobble berm on the west (left) side of the project.

 The managed retreat project was designed to mimic and enhance the natural function of the beach which changes throughout the year.  The erosion of the beach in winter months is expected with high tides and surf, and wave action naturally sorts the sand and cobble.

This cobble, which was buried beneath sand just a month ago, extends beneath the dunes all the way back to the bike path.  The 'cobble berm,' which is is up to eight feet thick, provides a significant mass of natural river rock to protect the bike path from extreme events and future sea level rise.

The aerial photos below were taken at extreme low (minus) tide, and clearly show the cobble in the intertidal zone - it is this cobble that provides the foundation for the marine delta that creates the "point" at the mouth of the Ventura River.

More about this project:  http://www.venturariver.org/search/label/Surfers%20Point