Monday, April 27, 2009

Sustainable Ojai

Communities around the country are beginning to think in terms of sustainability.

Note that this is not about "sustainable growth," the oxymoron used by many to promote development.

Rather, this is about defining a future in which a community can provide for itself, in terms of the basic necessities, (i.e. food, water, energy, transportation, etc) and generate a secure social and natural environment along with a thriving local economy.

Last year the City of Ventura released a 'Post Peak Oil Vision Plan.' The basic recommendation:

  • LOCALIZE. Localization is the overarching critical factor in reaching the goal of reducing energy and resource consumption while enhancing quality of life. By building a greater connection between people and place, an increased respect and understanding of the land and its systems is cultivated.

Similarly, the City of Ojai took some time to think it through. The results are this 'Roadmap to a Sustainable Ojai.'

Because this flowchart is by nature all-encompassing, therefore somewhat overwhelming, a more recent iteration is this (draft) action plan which focuses only on residential issues. (And is perhaps just as overwhelming?)

Embedded in this are things that we can do right now, and strive towards in the future. The Ojai Valley Green Coalition is organizing around these principles. It seems there is no shortage of things to do.

The trick now is making these types of actions the foundation of a local economy...

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