Friday, May 22, 2009

Film preview events

This week Rich and I did a couple of events to preview Watershed Revolution with local students. We visited Oak Grove School in Ojai on Wednesday evening, and did an Environmental Politics lecture at UCSB on Thursday afternoon.

Dear Mr. Reid,

I liked your documentary tremendously. I thought it was edited extremely well and the interviews were not cheesy like they are in many documentaries (extremely scripted). What I am trying to say is that it had a natural feel. However I didn't like the fish fade that was used for text. To me it made the documentary look less professional.

I also found the documentary very informative. Although I already knew all the scientific aspects like what a water shed is and other things like that, I did not know that there were so many groups working to save these rivers and wet lands around America, and that there were so many organisations doing this in the Ventura area. I also did not know so many people didn't know what a waters shed is.

- UCSB Student

Dear Mr. Reid,

I really enjoyed watching your beautiful documentary and learning all about our local watershed. I already knew much of what was said, having gone to Oak Grove since the third grade and spending class time with Sarah Benjamin on several occasions, but your video really expanded what I knew and showed the Ventura watershed to me in a whole new light.

Prior to yesterday’s assembly, I didn’t realize just how crucial the Ventura river is, and how much it can do. I learned about how essential it is to the local economy, and just how special and unique of a river we have. For instance, I didn’t know how unusual it is that our river is still intact, running all the way from the mountains to the sea.

I was very happy to hear that the Matilija Dam is scheduled for deconstruction in 2014, because I have been waiting for that to happen ever since I was told about the situation when I was 8 years old. I really love what you and all the other active people in the Ventura County community are doing; I support our cause fully.

I was pleased to hear about all of the opportunities for ordinary citizens to make a difference; I think that is an important aspect for making real substantial change. I wish you luck with the entire project.

- Oak Grove School Student