Monday, May 18, 2009


The Sacred Craft expo at the fairgrounds this weekend brought out hundreds of surfers to see the latest in the surfboard craft. Among the big draws was the shaping booths and "Tribute to the Masters Shape Off."

Here's Gerry Lopez doing his thing - poetry in motion...

Surfrider had a booth at the show - on Saturday the Santa Barbara Chapter highlighted their Gaviota Coast campaign.

I worked the booth with the Ventura Chapter for several hours on Sunday. It was great to speak with so many core surfers about our campaigns here in Ventura.

The most popular questions: "When will the Surfers' Point project begin?"


"What is up with the Corps of Engineers and Matilija Dam?"

I had to explain, it's like trying to catch a set wave on a crowded southern hemi swell with 20 minute lulls... a long waiting game at best.