Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Eucalyptus trees removed

According to the Ventura County Star,

Hundreds of mature eucalyptus trees on private farmland near the Ventura River were felled Saturday because they were casting too much shade on adj
acent farmland... Not every tree will be lost. Some on a city controlled easement closer to Main Street, including several with limbs overhanging the two-lane road, will be left in place. The property was recently acquired by the Santa Barbara-based nonprofit Wood-Claeyssens Foundation, which plans to lease the adjacent land to a farmer to grow strawberries.

Change is happening fast at Taylor Ranch, with expansion of orchards and strawberries. Apart from potential impacts to water supply, agricultural runoff has created impacts to water quality in the river and on the beach:


More on the Woods Clayson Foundation purchase of the property: