Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ojai votes for local control of water

On August 27, Ojai residents scored a resounding victory in the bid to regain local control of the city's water supply.  A majority of 87% of Ojai voters supported the takeover from Golden State Water, a for-profit corporation   accused of profiteering.  Ojai FLOW developed a strategy that included eminent domain takeover of the water company supported by a local bond measure.  Water management will be taken over by the Casitas Municipal Water Company which currently serves the majority of the Ojai Valley and part of Ventura and operates under the direction of a locally elected board.

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 Judge postpones ruling on Ojai water case 

The hearing before Ventura County Superior Court Judge Mark Borrell was postponed after he ruled that Golden State Water Company had not given adequate notice of its intent to challenge the Casitas Municipal Water District's takeover.