Thursday, August 1, 2013

Santa Clara estuary 'fix'

The County of Ventura obtained permits to install a system to execute controlled draining of the Santa Clara River Estuary.  This is a temporary 'fix' to the problems caused by the accumulation of wastewater in this dry year when the rivermouth did not breach.  McGrath State Beach, which was to re-opened this year following an outpouring of public support, has been closed all summer due to a flooded campground.

A fire hose was installed after the discharge pipe installed in the surf zone was damaged

Pumping to lower water levels in the estuary prompted posting
 of a water quality advisory at the popular Santa Clara rivermouth surf break

the long view - the fire hose discharge and a plume of brown water
 in the ocean are visible from the Ventura hillsides (photo credit KR)
Water level has dropped about 5 inches after the first week of pumping at the Santa Clara estuary - nets are placed to prevent entrainment of the endangered tidewater goby and other fish

Update: Pumping ceased the week of Oct 7.  The water level in the estuary looked like this:

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