Thursday, October 14, 2010

Canada Larga moves forward

Regardless of the issues with annexing undeveloped Canada Larga canyon, it makes one wonder.

How did a developer con our decision-makers
into funding the EIR for his project,
while simultaneously providing a loophole
to our existing SOAR growth ordinance?

It makes for a good show - on Monday evening City Council was first serenaded by hundreds of their own employees protesting a request to 'chip in,' then over an hour of testimony on rezoning the failing auto mall to allow a poker club to move in. Then hours of testimony from concerned citizens destined to fall on deaf ears.

The mayor is concerned this may signal a return to the Bad Old Days "where developers engage in game-playing to try to get four votes, people on either side of an issue call each other names, and everything comes to a halt because it’s so contentious."

Too bad, because as a community, we aren't even asking the right questions yet. While our leaders use taxpayer funds to justify unlimited expansion, regional aquifers are failing and our 'wastewater' continues to be wasted.

Truly the Cycle of Insanity.