Friday, November 11, 2011

Ventura Water Town Hall meeting

Last night the City of Ventura held a Town Hall Meeting to discuss the settlement agreement between Ventura Water, Heal the Bay, and Wishtoyo Foundation’s Ventura Coastkeeper Program to resolve legal actions associated with the City’s wastewater facility discharges of tertiary treated water into the Santa Clara River Estuary.

According to the City's press release, the legal action taken by the environmental groups is "...a great example of how government can work with public interest groups to bring about change that makes sense."

According to the city's website:

The Ventura City Council is expected to vote on a final settlement on December 12. The settlement outlines the common goals and an innovative process using the best available science to decide how best to use the reclaimed water produced by the wastewater facility in the future.   The major points of the long-term settlement include:

  • Creating opportunities for using between 50-100% of the treated water for landscaping or other non-drinking uses to stretch water supplies and reduce the amount released into the Estuary
  • If any treated water is still released into the Estuary, a treatment wetlands will be constructed to further improve water quality
  • Working together with Ventura Water’s customers to arrive at the most responsible and sustainable solution for the health of the Estuary and Ventura’s water supply by 2025.

The total costs of these projects are estimated at $55 million, which could possibly result in an additional cost of  $3.52 per month per average household until 2055.  The different options to fund this program will be evaluated during Ventura Water’s Cost of Service and Rate Design Study now underway.

The City produced this video to help deliver the message to the community:

In the News:

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