Wednesday, December 7, 2011

PBS Natural Heroes

Watershed Revolution, our documentary about the Ventura River aired on PBS this Fall.  Visit the Natural Heroes website to view the film: 

Watershed Revolution asks the question "What is a Watershed?" The answer is explored through interviews with concerned citizens working to protect and preserve Southern California's Ventura River watershed while stunning high definition cinematography highlights the beauty of the river. The unique challenges faced by a river that is the sole source of water for a thirsty community are brought to life and will change forever your definition of a watershed.

Watershed Revolution is a 30-minute film that profiles community members and organizations working to protect and restore our watershed. It highlights the need for open space and floodplain protection, sustainable agriculture, and community awareness of our most precious resource: water.

Find Out More:
Many links to watershed educational resources, watershed grants and more available through the film's website:

The film may also be viewed here:

About the Producer:

Producer and Director Rich Reid started his professional photography career over 20 years ago at UC Santa Barbara. His profession allows him to travel and photograph his favorite subjects; wildlife, adventure and landscapes. His photography and cinematography are both represented by National Geographic. Time-lapse photography and producing environmental documentaries have become his most recent passions.
Rich also works frequently with non-profit organizations preserving lands and cultural sites with his photography. "Watershed Revolution" is his first film, and everyone involved volunteered his or her time to help tell this important story. Find out more about Rich through his website.