Thursday, September 13, 2012

VHC River Cleanup

You may have heard the news: nine acres of Ventura River land was donated to the Ventura Hillside Conservancy for public use, and the organization plans to restore the property and establish small parks and pathways as part of the Ventura River Parkway.

Work began last month with clearing of Arundo donax (giant reed) by the CREW, but that is just the beginning.  Following an ultimatum set by local government, and with repeated visits and interaction, the illegal camps in the riverbottom are being dismantled.  Mounds of trash and debris are being exposed, and the Conservancy plans to systematically clean up the area as the rainy season fast approaches.  A large flood would wash everything onto the beaches...

On Saturday September 8, a crew of about 20 volunteers got down and dirty, and within two hours had completely filled a 40 foot roll-off dumpster provided by EJ Harrison!

piles of trash before cleanup
after cleanup

view from Main St bridge before cleanup

view from Main St bridge after cleanup

There is lots more to do - this cleanup was just one single long-term camp, and there are many more throughout the Conservancy property.

The Ventura Hillsides Conservancy will be working every other weekend to clean up the mess in the riverbottom.  E. J. Harrison will provide the roll-off bin, we'll have the buckets, gloves, grabbers and protective gear.  You bring hard-toed shoes, long pants and long-sleeve shirts and sun protection.  Together we can make a big difference in the River.

Next cleanup will be Sunday September 23 - Meet at the Main St Bridge at 9 am on Sunday.  Our river needs you!

Please contact Lee at the Ventura Hillsides Conservancy for more information: 643-8044

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