Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ventura River Watershed Council

The Ventura River Watershed Council was originally formed in 2006 when the Wetlands Recovery Task Force of Ventura County, a program of the California Coastal Conservancy, recognized the need for a watershed-based organization to promote the preservation and restoration of the Ventura River.  It quickly became the local focus of an effort to develop a regional, integrated watershed management plan for Ventura County by the Watersheds Coalition of Ventura County (WCVC). These regional plans are a prerequisite for receiving water bond funding under Proposition 50 (2002) and Proposition 84 (2006).

The Watershed Council has served as a forum for government and non-government organizations working within the Ventura River watershed.  In Apr, 2010 the Council sponsored “Watershed U – Ventura River” as part of the effort to engage and educate the community.  This was a comprehensive educational series about the watershed, which was coordinated by the University of California’s Cooperative Extension’s office and supported by watershed council participants. This popular program provided 18 hours of educational presentations by experts in history, geology, water supply and quality, ecology, conservation, land use, agriculture, and floodplain and watershed management.

Then in September, 2011, a Watershed coordinator was hired. The new watershed coordinator position is largely funded by a grant from the California Department of Conservation, with additional support provided by several watershed council partners. The Ojai Valley Land Conservancy generously offered to host the staff position. Development of a watershed management plan specific to the Ventura River watershed is a key objective of the watershed coordinator position.

On Tuesday, April 3, the Ventura River Watershed Council will hold the group’s first evening meeting. Evening meetings will be held twice a year to encourage participation by stakeholders unable to attend daytime meetings.  Members of the public are welcome to attend this, and any of the Council’s meetings.

More info:  Lorraine Walter
Ventura River Watershed Coordinator

805/649-6852 x4

Ventura's Watershed - Interview with Paul Jenkin

Ventura's Watershed with Surfrider Foundation's Paul Jenkin from Pulse TV & Maverick Media on Vimeo.