Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Photopoint monitoring

Last week a "Photopoint monitoring" station was installed at Surfers' point, a collaboration between Surfrider and the Ventura Land Trust.  Photopoint utilizes a fixed camera mount to allow beachgoers to photograph the shoreline from fixed points in order to systematically capture changes in the vegetation, dune morphology, sea level rise, and beach evolution over time.

Surfrider Ventura Chapter coordinator Cassie demonstrates the new Photopoint at Surfers' Point

Photopoint Monitoring is an effective way to document environmental change over time, thereby providing historical information to aid decision-making by resource managers. Our objective is to document the natural/anthropogenic changes to the shoreline caused by dredging, seasonal changes, and king tides for ongoing research into sea level rise. 

Installation team, L to R: Katie, Cassie, and Dan