Monday, November 18, 2019

Dams in the news

H2O Radio visited Matilija Dam for series they are doing on dam sedimentation.  The story makes the connection between the obsolete dam and the beach at Surfers' Point in Ventura.

And the Associated Press published an investigation that concludes At least 1,680 dams across the US pose potential risk.

In California, six high-hazard dams were rated as poor or unsatisfactory, including Oroville, which failed in 2017 and prompted mass evacuations downstream. Crews have since been repairing the dam and it is now listed in “fair” condition, according to California inspectors. The other dams were Kelley Hot Spring in Modoc County; North Fork in Santa Clara County; Misselbeck in Shasta County; Moccasin Lower in Tuolumne County; and Matilija, a dam in Ventura County slated for removal.

In the news:

H2O Radio: The Dam Nobody Wants Just Won’t Go Away

AP: At least 1,680 dams across the US pose potential risk

LA Times: California has six of the nation’s 1,680 high-hazard dams deemed in risky condition