Thursday, June 10, 2021

CI Harbor jetty and breakwater repairs

Over the past few weeks the US Army Corps of Engineers has been working on the jetties and offshore breakwater at Channel Islands Harbor.  Concerned beachgoers contacted Surfrider with concerns that the South Jetty was being extended and could impact the surf conditions at the popular Silver Strand Beach.  Although initially it was hard to find any detailed information on the project, the Corps and Port District ultimately provided drawings that illustrate the work being done.

South Jetty at Channel Islands Harbor, 2013

Over time coastal structures like these degrade as wave action displaces the large boulders and the structure "slumps" into the sea floor.  Periodic maintenance is performed by importing boulders which are placed on the existing structure to bring it back to its design profile.  The illustrations below show this:

More info:

Much Needed Repair Work Starts at Channel Islands Harbor Entrance,  Channel Islands Harbor website

SPL-2021-0512-NLH Channel Islands Harbor Breakwater, US Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District