Thursday, June 10, 2021

Watershed mural website

The "Enlivening The Matilija Watershed" Mural now has an interactive website that contains information on all the plants and animals featured in the artwork installed on the side of a Ojai Unified School District building in Ojai. 

The 30’x14’ mural depicts the Matilija Creek in it’s regenerated state after the Matilija Dam has been removed. The waters flow clear, the wildlife abundant, the flora and fauna vibrant and renewed. The beaver is featured prominently as it is a keystone species whose presence affects the entire whole of the ecosystem. The mural emphasizes the restored watershed which feeds a beaver pond where deer, bear, mountain lion, heron and others come to eat and drink. Oaks, sycamores and willow provide shade and a steady perch for the flyers to come and rest. The steelhead move unimpeded upstream to spawn where once they numbered into the thousands. This pristine and rejuvenated landscape will be framed by the cobbled remains of the Matilija Dam which once held back the waters and marred the mouth of the canyon. It’s removal signifying the steady return of the natural cycles of life.

Visit the website here:


Enlivening The Matilija Watershed" Mural